Against all advice except my heart's, in 2009 I left a promising investment banking career and went on a walkabout to explore more personal passions.

The path since then has put butterflies in my stomach, pushed me off-balance, forced me to consider my worth, and been consistently unexpected. If there is a common thread throughout, it's that I thrive when creating things that elevate other people; opening their eyes to their own potential and providing the support necessary to turn ideas into reality.

I feel fortunate to be so fulfilled by how I spend my time. I invest in exceptional entrepreneurs, mentor budding dreamers, and build solutions to problems I perceive and that matter to me. Thank you to everyone that has made this possible, you know who you are, and I look forward to accomplishing much more with you in the future.


Thought Into Action Ventures

Thought into Action Ventures invests in early-stage companies.

We place a heavy emphasis on mentorship and conduct in-depth customer research to assess pain points and the degree to which a company is addressing that pain. We focus primarily on ventures producing revenues today, with definable acquirers and visible paths to exit.

The fund is run and advised by seasoned operators and investors who are passionate about start-ups and experienced in building great businesses. The entrepreneurs we partner with are dedicated to creating powerful, customer-relevant solutions to the problems they see in the world.

We Focus On Companies With:

Proof of concept and traction (even if minor), revenues, and clear insights from customers

Customers who LOVE their products & services, and perceive a clear benefit; ‘lovers’ are evangelizers

A strong group of advisors, formal or informal

We Place A Heavy Emphasis On:

Team; assessing coachability, management style, character and overall instincts

Conducting in-depth customer research regarding needs, wants, satisfaction with existing solutions, and more

Providing active mentoring to companies

We Invest In:

Early-stage businesses; Series A and earlier

All sectors and industries

Entrepreneurs first and ventures second



Thought Into Action Institute

The Thought Into Action Entrepreneurship Institute supports, promotes, and advances entrepreneurial activity across Colgate University's community.

In the TIA Student Incubator, every year a select group of pioneering students prove what it really means to be an entrepreneur by taking an idea and making it 'go live'. These passionate students move their own visions from theory to practice, while guided by the invaluable mentorship of entrepreneurial alums & parents. The process demands creative thinking, humility, problem solving, selling, decision making, hard work, negotiating, risk taking and undying perseverance.

The character-building skills students develop in TIA are relevant and leverage-able for the rest of their lives, and the experience increases their odds of success in all future endeavors.

The Institute was started by Andy Greenfield, Wills Hapworth and Bob Gold, three people who believe in the value and importance of helping students learn the "craft of doing" by moving from thought into action.


Hours Donated





Past Speakers


Sir Richard Branson

Virgin Founder


Sheryl Sandberg

Facebook COO


Hamdi Ulukaya

Chobani Founder/CEO


Brian Chesky

Airbnb Founder/CEO


Ashton Kutcher



John Donahoe

eBay CEO


Tony Bates

Microsoft Executive VP


Dan Rosensweig

Chegg President and CEO


David Faber

CNBC anchor/producer


Jessica Alba

Founder & COO, THe Honest Co.


Neil Blumenthal

Co-Founder, Warby Parker


Greg Coleman

President, BuzzFeed


MC Hammer

Artist & Entrepreneur


Jennifer Hyman

Co-Founder, Rent the Runway



Study Snacks

StudySnacks.com is a learning community for children to discover 1,000’s of video lessons created by innovative teachers on a wide variety of topics, such as character development, morals, and how to be good people.

Once a parent subscribes, children can view lessons in a safe and intuitive online environment. At the same time, teachers are compensated for creating great content and build a following on StudySnacks.


A. Children deserve a safe place online where they can find lessons on some of the most important things in life

B. Teachers are as creative and hard-working as their peers, and deserve to be commensurately rewarded for their amazing work



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